Selkirk Manitoba

All drivers must meet our minimum age requirements and present a valid photo driver`s licence. All location policies that apply to the renter will also apply.  Additional driver fee: $8.99/day per driver. Maximum of 3 additional drivers.

Renter must be 18 years of age with a valid driver`s licence and major credit card in his/her own name. Renters 18 through 24 years of age may rent a vehicle with an additional surcharge per day. Renters 18 through 20 years of age $19.99 per day plus taxes. Renters 21 through 24 years of age $14.99 per day plus taxes. Underage surcharge will not appear in the total pricing on the reservation.

Every rental agreement requires a credit card pre-authorization for the estimated amount of the rental plus an additional $500.00 CAD.  Drivers under the age of 30 will require a pre-authorized deposit of the rental amount plus an additional $750.00 CAD.

Drivers must have a valid full class 5 drivers licence at the time of rental. The drivers licence must be valid for the entire rental period. International renters require a driver’s licence in English or French, or an International Drivers licence.

Vehicles are rented on a daily (24 hour) basis. Any rental of less than 24 hours will be charged a full days rate. No refunds will be authorized for early returns.

U-Drive Head office: 1-866-974-8374

Option #1 – Fuel Service Option (You Fill the Tank)

Vehicle is rented with a full tank. At return, make sure fuel is at the same level you started with.

Option #2: Fuel Service Option (We Fill the Tank)
Vehicle is rented with a full tank. We will refuel the vehicle based on the kilometers driven or level of the tank. A refueling service fee of $2.950 per liter will apply.

Option #3: Prepay the Fuel (Prepaid )
No need to refuel the vehicle before you return.
Purchase the gas in the tank at time of rental and you can return at any level. Price is competitive with local pump prices. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN FOR UNUSED FUEL

Vehicles are only permitted to travel within Canada and the United States. 

Rate comes with unlimited mileage per day up to a max of 4000 kilometers free per rental.  Additional kilometers will be charged at $0.35 per km.

One way rentals are only permitted between U-Drive Car Rental locations. The one way rental fee varies, depending upon what location vehicle is returned to.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)
Accepting waives any responsibility for loss or body damage including Down-time.  The waiver may have a deductible for which you are responsible. Three options will be available at the time of booking or time of rental. Level 1 $6.99 per day – Level 2 $8.99 per day – Level 3 $10.99 per day plus tax.

Loss Damage Waiver is not Insurance and is not mandatory. The Loss Damage Waiver can be purchased at the time of booking or time of rental. If the Loss Damage Waiver is not purchased, renter is responsible for all damage to the rented vehicle and will pay a daily Down-time fee until the vehicle is repaired or a total loss is settled.  

Roadside Assistance Plus
An optional service which, if accepted, reduces your financial liability for services required to remedy non-mechanical problems of the vehicle and/or problems resulting from an accident or collision. Can be added at the time of rental for $6.99 per day plus tax.

  • Lock out service maximum CAD 250.00 per rental
  • Dead battery service maximum CAD 250.00 per rental
  • Spare tire mounting service maximum CAD 250.00 per rental
  • Out of Gas service maximum CAD 250.00 per rental
  • Lost key service maximum CAD 500.00 per rental
  • Towing service maximum CAD 500.00 per rental

Udrive rates include Basic Emergency Roadside Assistance covering mechanical defects of the vehicle only.

Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage
Can be added as a package at the time of rental for $5.99 per day plus tax.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is an optional coverage for any accident involving death or bodily injury during the car rental covering you and your passengers.

You are covered for the duration of the rental in or out of the vehicle. Passengers are only covered while entering, occupying or leaving the Udrive car.

Coverage may be void if any direct or indirect injury occurs due to the following:

  • Intentional self-inflicted injury
  • Suicide or attempted suicide
  • Aircraft travel
  • Committing or attempting an assault or felony
  • Intoxicants or narcotics, unless by prescription

Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) is optional insurance for the loss or damage to Personal Effects of the renter and any companions travelling together in the rented car.

The maximum coverage per person is CAD 500.00 with a deductible of CAD 50.00. Maximum coverage per rental of CAD 1500.00.

  • Personal items covered are insured only while in the rental car.
  • Personal Effects Insurance will be paid in addition to any other homeowners coverage.
  • If loss or damages occur, completion of claim form must accompany claim. 

All losses must be reported to the police and there must be signs of forcible entry. Property is valued at actual cash value and not replacement cost. A copy of the police report must accompany the claim.

If the vehicle is not returned on the date and time agreed upon at the time of reservation, all special rates and weekend rates will be charged at regular rate with an additional surcharge.

The following methods of payment are accepted for full payment at return of rental: VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Vehicles are held for 1-hour after the reserved arrival time. In the event of any delays you may call or email us to advise of any changes in your pick up time. After the 1 hour window you will be considered a no-show and we may or may not be able to honor your reservation, depending on availability.

Pay Later Booking: In the event of a no-show the customer will be charged a no-show fee plus one day Rental charge.  

Pay Now Booking: In the event of a no-show the customer will be charged the entire reservation total.

Local Customers:
If free city pickup service is required, please call the rental location one hour prior to pickup.

All vehicles are non-smoking.  If evidence of ashes or smoke smell is detected, renter will be charged for a shampoo fee up to $250.00.

Child Safety Seat 11.99 per day plus taxes. Child Booster Seat $11.99 per day plus taxes. Seats will only be guaranteed when reservation is booked 48 hours prior to pick-up. U-Drive is not permitted to install seats.

Pets are not permitted in rental vehicles.

The renter is responsible for paying all parking and traffic violations incurred while using the rental vehicle plus an administration fee of $60 per occurrence. These items will be billed directly to the Credit Card used for the pre-authorization.